Little round white pills with an627

This pill is TRAMADOL 50 MG which is a generic version of Ultram manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Tramadol is a pain reliever. Imprint Code M / T 7
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I went to refill my medication but they gave me different kind of pills, suppose be tramadol but this ones are different, they are white, round little
What is this white round pill I found? It was small, round and smooth---markings only on one side,--thought it may be asprin, but no company name on it---found in a .
For Little round white pills with an627 everyone who have Ford cars and want a place to share with other Ford Enthusiast and Owners.
This pill is TIZANIDINE 4 MG Generic for Zanaflex Description: white to off-white, round, flat, beveled, uncoated tablet debossed with product code "503" on one side .
What is a little round white pill with GG on one size and 16 on the other? ChaCha Answer: Clemastine fumarate Strength(s) 2.68 mg Imp.
A little white pill with-'AN 627' stamped on it. what's it called and what is it for and what does it do?
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Little round white pills with an627

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For 10 years I have been receiving Tramadol marked with 777 from the VA. Now I received a different shaped pill marked AN 627. The label on the botle says Tramadol .
small white round pill with an627 printed on front nothing on back This tablet contains 50mgs of Tramadol a generic for Ultram this is an analgesic Common side .
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