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Various storytellers have tried to create better backgrounds for their stories by linking them to real history. Protagonists historical world events timeline could have witnessed a historical event .
Learn the History behind these Major Historical Events in World History, Famous Historical Event Trivia, African-Americans, the Berlin Wall, the Great Depression, the .
Elizebeth the First of England dies,Louis XIII ascends the French thorn.etc.
A special acknowledgement and thank you to the people who work on the SIMILE Timeline project at M.I.T., and in particular, to David Huynh. Sources:

Visit this site for History Timelines of famous events. Fast facts and information for students, children & kids historical world events timeline via the history timelines of events. History and .
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Explore major and important historical events in World History. Learn about the significant world events that changed the course of History.
Timeline of fictional historical events - 1900s. Santa Claus ages to peak of maturity (with white hair and long beard); declares Christmas Eve as his annual
xtimeline is a free website that lets you create timelines and explore timelines about history, biography and more.
Historical Timeline - World . 4.4 M.Y.A. Earliest evidence of pre-human hominids 100,000 B.C. Neanderthal Man
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The historical timeline of the renaissance, exploration of the new world and Fort Matanzas.
This lists major historical events around the world in timeline chronological order. I use it to organize my notes and for quickly accessing links related to world .
Think of timelines as historical markers on a scale with dates. But
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